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Bongino blasts Democratic opposition to defunding ‘Ministry of Truth:’ US ‘turning into Cuba’

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Conservative radio host Dan Bongino suggested on Thursday that Democrat opposition to defunding the DHS’ newly-minted Disinformation Governance Board are frightened of a GOP effort to protect relevant freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

On “The Dan Bongino Show,” Bongino cited a Fox News report contradicting the DOJ’s prior stance on targeting parents, in that the FBI has investigated a father for voicing opposition to facemask mandates, and noting the complainant claimed the parent fit the bill of an “insurrectionist” who “has a lot of guns.”

Bongino noted the latter is protected in the Constitution, suggesting the term “insurrectionist” will now be used by Democrats to silence or criminalize their center-right opposition. 

He questioned whether the Disinformation Governance Board – which he dubbed the “Ministry of Truth” – would probe the unsubstantiated claims.

Nina Jankowicz
(@wiczipedia on Twitter)

Bongino said an effort this week in Congress to defund the “ministry” was met with indignation by House Rules Committee member Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md. Rep. Laura Boebert, R-Colo., is sponsoring HR 7690, which would defund the “ministry.” Raskin appeared apprehensive of efforts against the disinformation board.


Raskin, D-Maryland.

Raskin, D-Maryland.
((Senate Television via AP))

Bongino said attacks on civil liberties by the left “are not going to stop” – and that a few like Boebert are speaking out publicly.

Boebert stood beside a poster of quotes from Nina Jankowicz, who was selected to lead the disinformation board, that listed several instances in which Jankowicz spread misinformation, including about the veracity of the Hunter Biden laptop and conversely the Trump-Russia probe.

Raskin objected to Boebert’s comments, citing her dubbing President Biden a “dog-faced pony soldier” – as the president had to a voter in 2020.

“We have… serious business to do here,” Raskin said,” We are not interested in censoring other people’s speech — we want the whole world to see how the gentlelady from Colorado speaks.”


Boebert (Getty)

“The funny thing about this is that after [Boebert] is done, that loser congressman from Maryland, Jamie Raskin, is like ‘did you hear how [Boebert] talks, it’s an insult,” Bongino said. 

He condemned the Maryland lawmaker, saying America is “turning into Cuba overnight, and we have Jamie Raskin worried about Lauren Boebert offending his delicate sensibilities.”

“We’re descending into the tin pot dictatorship- and this wussbag from Maryland is worried about Boebert,” he said.

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