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Hero: This Man Was Willing To Go On The Internet And Say That Nazis Are Bad

KNOXVILLE, TN—Nobody wanted to say it, but he had had enough. Fed up local man Joe Sells gathered his courage, threw caution to the wind, and went on the internet Friday evening to declare, definitively and categorically, that Nazis are bad.

Can you say “hero”??

The modern day Dietrich Bonhoeffer took to Facebook, despite all the persecution he must have known he would receive, and denounced Nazism and “anyone who is sympathetic to their cause,” in an earth-shattering update that will surely be remembered for ages.

“If you hold Nazi views, shame on you!” the gallant man wrote. “Hitler was evil. There, I said it!”

So many people were thinking it, but nobody was willing to step up to the plate and say it. Until now.

We need more brave men like Joe. He’s not afraid to sacrifice his reputation to tell it like it is!

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