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This Twitter-Suspended Crypto Developer’s Blockchain Social Network Claims To Handle Elon Musk’s Concerns

  • Finnish cryptocurrency developer Stani Kulechov built a blockchain-based social network, Lens Protocol, available for anyone to access, Bloomberg, reports.
  • Each piece of content is associated with a nonfungible token, giving the creator ownership over their post.
  • Twitter, Inc TWTR recently suspended Kulechov’s account following a joke saying the social media company selected him as Twitter’s interim CEO.
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  • Lens Protocol can handle multiple issues that Elon Musk was worried about, Kulechov said. 
  • He said that blockchain-based tools could help verify identities, prevent spam, and present an open system. 
  • “Open sourcing comes by default with public blockchains,” Kulechov said.
  • Kulechov sees potential for social gaming and music sharing pending addition to Lens Protocol and will continue developing on the platform.
  • Kulechov remained undeterred by the concerns of amassing enough users from an established platform and the recent crash of the TerraUSD stable coin.
  • Kulechov is the founder and CEO of the London-based startup Aave.

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